Production of Information Technology costs daily millions of workers in Asia their health and rights. DanWatch has investigated the violation of people's rights and the environment from extraction of minerals to the production of mobile phones and tablets and the elimination of IT, E-Waste.


Servants of Servers

Higher education institutions in Western Europe have spent 4.27 billion euros so far in 2015 on ICT hardware, software and services to secure quality education for millions of young Europeans. At the other end of the supply chain tens of thousands of Chinese students work as interns in the assembly lines of IT factories every summer producing for the world’s biggest brands. Many of them are forced into internships and cannot quit or they will not graduate.


Few Rights for Workers in the IT industry

As the global market for tablets is booming the labour rights for the people who make them is not keeping the same pace. In South Korea, where microchips for tablets are made, laborers are willing to die in their fight for labour rights.


The Human Cost of Tablets

As the price of a tablet is falling, the human costs of producing them seems increasing. In South Korea, hundreds of workers demand compensation from Samsung Electronics for a job, they say, caused them cancer. The company apologizes, but takes no blame


Lethal IT

IT workers in Asia are paying a high price for Europe’s cheap computers